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We offer time saving solutions on a full range of services:

We handle annual vehicle license renewals.

Documents required:

  1. Clear copy of your ID (ID picture must be visible)
  2. Renewal reminder or copy of previous license/registration paper
  3. Physical address

Duration of service: Up to 3 working days

With the new online booking system implemented, we at A+ Registration will simplify the process by booking the appointment for you.

We will collect your driving license on your behalf and deliver it to your doorstep.

When a company registers a vehicle onto their name, they require a Natis Number provided by the license department.

Documents required:

  1. CK or PTY document
  2. Company owner ID copy to act as proxy (ID picture must be visible)
  3. Original letter head
  4. Proof of company physical address

Duration of service: 2-3 working days

If a vehicle has been written off in an accident, stolen or required to be de-registered as unfit for use.

Documents required:

  1. Copy of owner’s ID
  2. If the vehicle was written off: photos of the damaged vehicle or a letter from the insurance or assessor confirming that the vehicle is unfit for use.
  3. If the vehicle was stolen: Police case number and police station location where the theft was reported.
  4. If the vehicle is unfit for use: affidavit requesting to D-register
  5. Original registration document (RC1)

NOTE: No licence fee is required unless the vehicle has outstanding licensing fees due.

We register and licence vehicle in the buyer’s name

Documents required:

  1. Original Registration certificate (RC1)
  2. Buyer ID copy
  3. Buyer proof of address
  4. Note: to register under a company we require proxy id copy and company BRN

We assist with roadworthy processes.

Any vehicle used on South African roads must comply with a roadworthy test.

A vehicle must undergo a roadworthy test when you:

  1. Purchase a used vehicle.
  2. Change vehicle colour.

Documents required:

  1. Owner ID copy (ID picture must be visible)
  2. Copy of vehicle registration document or license disc


  1. Call our office to book a date and time
  2. Bring your car to our office
  3. Test will take between 20-40 min
  4. You can choose to wait or to come back to collect

NOTE: Collection from your office/home will include a call out fee.

We notify the traffic department should you change your personal or business physical address.

Documents required for a private person:

  1. Copy of your ID
  2. Proof of new physical address such as utility bill

Documents required for a business:

  1. Company address
  2. Proxy ID
  3. Business Register Number

We notify the traffic department should you change your province.

If you are a business we will inform the traffic department of any changes in business details.

Documents required:

  1. Copy of your ID (ID picture must be visible)
  2. Vehicle details (copy of license disc is sufficient)
  3. Proof of new address

We will change your address and issue you with a new license disc, we also manufacture new GP number plates.

Duration of service: 1-2 working days

We assist with Police Clearance processes.

If a vehicle is stolen and recovered or has had its engine replaced, it needs to undergo a process of Police Clearance.

We will take your vehicle to the relevant police department and make sure that your vehicle stays in good hands until the police complete their work.

Documents required:

  1. Owner ID copy (ID picture must be visible)
  2. Original registration documents (Copy if vehicle is financed)
  3. For change of engine, invoice is required

*For this service you will need to book with the office.

Duration of service: 3-4 working days

NOTE: vehicles made before 2012 will require Data Dot (we can assist in this regard)

We manufacture and register client specific number plates. These include:

  1. Personalised Number Plates – This is a registration number with any alphabetic characters – A minimum of three and maximum of seven characters.

Example: A PLUS GP

  1. Special Number Plates – This is a registration number with three numbers and three letters (in any order) of your choice.

Example 1: 123 ICE GP

Example 2: ICE 123 GP

Documents required:

  1. Owner ID copy (ID picture must be visible)
  2. Copy of vehicle registration or license disc
  3. Physical address
  4. Three option to choose from

Service includes:

  1. PRN Certificate
  2. Set of new number plate
  3. Allocation of new PRN to your vehicle
  4. New license disc for full year

Duration of service: 7-10 working days

NOTE: Due to the high demand for personalised plates you will need to provide us with three options for your registration number. We cannot guarantee that the first option will be available.

We are an authorised number plate manufacturer by the SABS. We manufacture Aluminium plates on our premises, while you wait.

Sizes available:

Standard: 440 cm x 120 cm

Long: 520 cm x 110 cm

Documents required:

  1. Copy of vehicle registration document or license disc
  2. ID Copy of owner or person applying (ID picture must be visible)

Duration of service: 5-10 minutes

We assist with Notification of Change of vehicle ownership.

When selling your vehicle, your local licensing department must be notified of a change ownership.

Documents required:

  1. Copy of the buyer’s ID
  2. Copy of the seller’s ID
  3. Copy of the registration document (RC1)

When you have paid off your finance on your vehicle you will be required to remove the tile holder (Finance Bank)

Documents required:

  1. Copy of the owner ID
  2. Original registration certificate (RC1)
  3. Settlement letter from the Finance bank

We certify all types of documents for all the service solutions that we offer.

One of A+ Registration members is a certified Commissioner of Oaths and is authorised to certify documents required for all the services we offer.

Required documents:

  1. The original document/ certificate.

Duration of service: While you wait

A+ Registration can provide any service required at the vehicle license dept.
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